04 Feb

WebScaleSQL RPMs available at PSCE repository

Driven by popularity of previous post about Debian/Ubuntu builds of WebScaleSQL and long discussions during FOSDEM conference this weekend, PSCE engineering team decided to put even more effort into.

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31 May

MySQL, OOM Killer, and everything related

Do the operating systems kill your MySQL instances from time to time? Are some database servers swapping constantly? These are relatively common problems. Why? How to prevent them?

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18 Apr

Analyzing I/O performance

There are probably thousands of articles on the Internet about disk statistics in Linux, what various columns mean, how accurate the information is, and so on. I decided to attack the problem from a little bit more practical side. Hopefully this will be just the first of many future posts on identifying various I/O related performance problems on a MySQL server.

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12 Apr

How to install and configure a Linux server for MySQL?

Have you ever spent a lot of time thinking about how to install and configure a Linux server for MySQL database? I will try to highlight all the critical steps and some of the decisions you may need to make.

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02 Apr

How to prevent swapping on a MySQL server?

Swapping occurs when system moves some data between memory and a special area on disk called swap space. The process is called swapping in or swapping out depending on the direction in which it happens. System swaps out when it makes a decision to free up some physical memory (RAM) and pushes data out to disk. It swaps in when an application needs to access data that was swapped out. MySQL is like any other application and any memory it holds can also be sent to disk. It may have severe negative impact on performance.

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