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Professional services for MySQL designed to suit your needs

Design and Build

We help to create and implement successful MySQL applications and database solutions that will prove reliable for years.

Boost Performance

We help to improve existing MySQL systems to make them faster and more cost-effective for you to own and operate.

Troubleshoot Problems

We help to identify and resolve the root causes behind operational or sporadic performance problems with MySQL.

Ensure Continuity

We manage MySQL servers and provide 24x7 emergency response and troubleshooting services to help you recover from outages.

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Great results through passion and experience


Performance is our passion. We love tuning and optimising servers and applications to see performance metrics shoot up and response times drop. We love solving problems, big or small alike, to help others succeed in their endeavours.


We are the recognised experts at what we do. Our team of MySQL consultants, system and database administrators, and developers has decades of experience in designing, creating, scaling, and maintaining successful data-driven applications.

Global Reach

Our consulting and support services are usually performed and delivered remotely over the Internet. The communication takes place through a web-based customer portal, e-mail, phone or Skype, rather than in person. It removes geographical barriers, allowing for shorter lead times, faster results, and lower cost.

At Your Premises

We are accustomed to travel to work with our clients on their premises, when required. Doing our work remotely is not always possible due to restrictions imposed by law, security policies, or simply because you may prefer to have a MySQL expert on-site. So if that is the case, we will have you covered as well.

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Infinitely Flexible

Mix and mash our services as needed to accomplish your goals.

No Obligations

We require no subscription nor any usage commitment.

Free Trial Available

We are open about our services and welcome you to try before you buy.

Full Stack Coverage

From hardware to code - whatever the problem, you can count on our assistance.

Emergency Service

Our on-call expert is available within minutes to help you restore your service.

Remote Login

We can securely connect via the Internet to perform work on your system.

Customer Portal

Easily create and track your issues through our customer portal or by email.

Email Support

Create tickets and keep track of our work from your favourite mail application.

Phone Support

We are happy to discuss the task or the problem with you over the phone or Skype.