Emergency Support

Rapid response and troubleshooting of MySQL issues

Emergency Support for MySQL is a 24x7 rapid response service for MySQL databases and applications. It provides instant expert troubleshooting and fast remediation of database-related outages and severe performance degradations.

Service Recovery Instant diagnosis and resolution of critical failures

Rapid Response Starts within minutes from reporting an incident

Available 24x7 At your disposal whenever your emergency occurs

No Commitments Requires no prior subscription or support contract

MySQL Emergency? Get help within minutes from a MySQL Expert.

Emergency Service is available as pay-as-you-go with no commitments or strings attached.

Your Emergency Kit

The key features

Instant Help in Minutes

Available when needed most

The emergency support is available 24x7, every day of the year, globally. Your request for help is instantly routed to one of our on-call experts standing by to assist you on a very short notice. The experts can provide professional advice or hands-on assistance with troubleshooting and fixing the root cause behind your emergency.

Guaranteed Recovery

Offers peace of mind

Our support continues until your service is restored. Each incident includes a two-hour block of expert time, which is enough to troubleshoot and recover from almost any MySQL failure. But if full resolution takes longer than usual due to problem complexity, we will keep working until the problem is fixed.

Dedicated Expert

Reduces time to recovery

We do not use a multi-tier support model. From the get-go, you start receiving professional help from one of our MySQL experts, who can analyse, troubleshoot and fix the problem right away. This allows for the shortest time to recovery.

How to Get Started?

Experts are only a few clicks away
  • 1
    Sign up

    to create a customer account and receive access to our Customer Portal.

  • 2
    Purchase credits

    During account activation, choose the EMERGENCY Support package and complete the payment process to top up credits.

  • 3
    Create a new Issue

    In the Customer Portal, create a new Emergency issue describing your problem to us. Provide as much detail as you can.

  • 4
    Provide access details

    If the task requires us to access any system or database, you will need to share access details with us.

  • 5
    Problem resolution

    Within minutes our expert contacts you and starts looking for the root cause behind the emergency as well as the solution.

Questions? Reach out, and we will be happy to answer them.

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Emergency Support Incident

  • 2 hours billable time included
  • 15-minute billing increments after 2 hours
  • 24x7 availability
  • Rapid response time
  • Remote login using secure protocols
  • Phone & Skype support available
Available from
$750per incident

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for services?

On-Demand Emergency for MySQL is a pre-paid service. There is a 2-hour minimum per incident meaning you will need to pre-pay at least two hours in order to be able to request our assistance with an emergency. If resolution takes longer than 2 hours, you will be charged additional fee for every 15 minutes beyond the initial 2-hour block. Such additional fee will be charged to your credit card. If you wish to keep your charges under control, you may request us to ask for your permission to exceed the 2-hour block.

What constitutes billable time?

Billable time is all effort made by our experts on your request and behalf. For example, it may include things like orientation to your problems and environment, establishing access, performing analyses, experimentation, composing emails, drafting reports. We pride ourselves for being extremely efficient and often complete work much sooner than you would expect.

Do you need access to my systems or data?

In order to help you with an emergency effectively, we will require access to every system and database directly affected by the emergency.

What billing method do you use?

Each On-Demand Emergency incident includes 2 hours of billable time. In rare cases resolving your problem may take longer, our billing system will then automatically switch to an hourly rate with 15-minute increments. In other words, it will charge 1/4 of the hourly rate for every 15 minutes started. For example, if your problem takes us 2 hours 10 minutes to resolve, you will only be charged for additional fifteen minutes and not for another full hour.

Can you provide a time estimate for resolving my emergency?

More than 9 out of 10 emergencies can be resolved within the intial two hours already included in the Emergency Incident package. However, problems behind emergencies are very diverse and come with many unknown variables to create any reliable estiamtes.

How do you access your customers' systems?

We connect remotely over the Internet using secure protocols like SSH or VPN, or using other tools requested or approved by you such as Remote Desktop or TeamViewer.