Health Check

Verifies and validates MySQL health and performance

Health Check Audit for MySQL provides a smart, pro-active assessment of your MySQL database. It enables you to rapidly work out the current state of your MySQL servers.

Quick Diagnosis Determines MySQL health and performance

Get in the Know Learn if or where corrective actions are required

Easy to Budget Service provided under a fixed-fee model

Quick Availability Typically starts in one to three business days

Why Health Check?

A low cost check-up for MySQL

Evaluate Performance

Be proactive

Stay on top of your MySQL servers' performance. Health Check provides a rapid, proactive assessment to work out the current state of MySQL servers. It allows for early detection and remediation of problems or gives you a peace of mind knowing your databases are performing well.

Determine Your Needs

Spend smart, spend less

Use the insight gained from the quick yet thorough analysis of your databases to make smart decisions on your MySQL consulting needs. Spend money more effectively or even avoid significant expenditures on services your database does not need.

Get Continued Support

Our goal is your success

We extend our help beyond the audit itself, lending a hand to ensure you can get the most from our service. The free post-audit support provides an opportunity to discuss audit results during a conference call, and to follow up with questions by email.

Service Scope

What is included in Health Check for MySQL?
Magnifying Glass

Remote Login

We access your MySQL server using a secure connection method such as VPN or SSH using access details and credentials you provide.

Hardware Audit

We identify hardware components such as processor make and model, physical memory size and storage type and configuration to determine system capacity limits.

System Audit

We determine the operating system, examine disk partitions and file systems, and check system parameters that may be relevant to MySQL performance.

Utilization Analysis

We evaluate system resources utilisation to verify if the hardware can keep up with the workload demand during peak usage periods.

Database Performance

We analyse database operation logs and high-resolution MySQL performance metrics to detect slowdowns, stalls and other problems.

Drafting Report

Following the analysis, we draft a report that highlights verified or potential problems and provides information about next steps you may take to address them.

Post-Audit Support

You are welcome to follow up with questions or schedule a call with us to discuss the results.

Health Check Process

What are the steps?
  • 1
    Sign up

    to create a customer account and receive access to our Customer Portal. In the portal, purchase an audit and submit a new audit request.

  • 2
    Set up access

    Set up access to the MySQL server and database for our expert to use during the audit. Create VPN, SSH and MySQL accounts as necessary.

  • 3
    Data collection

    We log in to the server to gather information about hardware and software configurations, and to capture samples of performance data and metrics.

  • 4

    The expert studies information collected from the MySQL server and starts drafting a report.

  • 5
    Report delivery

    The report draft undergoes peer-review and once accepted will be instantly delivered to your email.

Questions? Reach out, and we will be happy to answer them.

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Health Check for MySQL

  •  Health Check audit
  •  Written report
  •  14-day post-audit support



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$129/ instance

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the deliverables?

The deliverable is a written report providing an overview of the MySQL server health, highlighting problem areas and presenting ideas for tackling these problems. Additionally, we offer a 14-day post-audit support to help you get the most out of your report.

Will you help me fix the problems you find?

Health Check is a check-up service to assess MySQL health and determine if or where corrective actions are necessary. It does not provide ready-to-use solutions. If you are looking to identify and resolve specific problems, we recommend choosing a comprehensive Performance Audit.

Is it available for MariaDB, Percona Server or Amazon RDS?

The audit is compatible with:

  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • Percona Server for MySQL
  • MariaDB Galera Cluster
  • Percona XtraDB Cluster

Please contact us if you use a different MySQL engine such as Amazon RDS or Cloud SQL.

Will you need access to my MySQL servers?

Yes. This service requires remote access to MySQL servers. If you cannot create such access for us, we may be able to help you through On-Demand Consulting or On-Site Consulting. Please contact us for details.

What are the supported connection methods?

In most cases, we connect using secure protocols such as SSH or VPN. However, on your request, we may also use applications such as Remote Desktop or TeamViewer.

Audits Compared

Side-by-side comparison to help you choose
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Hardware Assessment
System Capacity Analysis
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Problems Identification Limited Limited
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Schema Best Practices
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