On-Site Consulting

Invite a MySQL expert to your office

On-Site Consulting for MySQL offers a dedicated MySQL expert for hire to work on a full-time basis at your office, under your direction and management. 

On-Site Service MySQL consulting on your premises at your convenience

Privacy and Security Compatible with strict data protection laws and policies

Knowledge Transfer Expert interacts and shares knowledge with your team

All-Inclusive Travel and accommodation expenses included in rate

Why On-Site Consulting?

The key features

Engage Face-to-Face

Achieve more

Take advantage of the flexibility of having a dedicated MySQL expert at your office. It is an opportunity to troubleshoot all and any problems, brainstorm and design solutions, as well as to receive knowledge and best practice on creating and running high-performance MySQL applications – all in a single package.

In-Person Support

Execute changes safely

Database upgrades and migrations, product launches, as well as other critical deployments, require a lot of attention and care to run smoothly. Execute them together with our expert assisting you in preparation and throughout the process or instantly troubleshooting when any problems arise.

Simplified Pricing

All-inclusive options

Our All-Inclusive packages include the consultant's work, travel, accommodations, and all typical out-of-pocket expenses while away, so you do not have to worry about any additional or unexpected costs.

Our Reach

Some of the locations we visited for on-site work

How to get started?

Start improving MySQL now
  • 1

    Contact us about a possible on-site engagement. Let us know the location, your desired dates and briefly describe the scope.

  • 2

    We check consultant availability in your region and on your dates. Together we establish and finalise engagement details.

  • 3

    Sign an on-site consulting agreement specifying location, dates and scope of work to confirm the service.

  • 4

    Prepare for the visit. Set up accesses for the consultant and make sure necessary people on your team will be available.

  • 5

    The engagement starts with a meeting to help our consultant learn about your MySQL environment and plan work.

Questions? Reach out, and we will be happy to answer them.

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On-Site Consulting

  •  All-inclusive offers
  •  Non-billable travel time
  •  Dedicated MySQL expert
  •  Quick availability
  • Customizable scope
  • Short and multi-week engagements
Available from
$2,000per day

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum on-site duration?

A three day minimum applies to most on-site engagements. There may be exceptions for destinations within easy reach of our consultants' places of residence or in close proximity to major airline hubs. Let us know your location if you want to learn more.