28 Mar

How to work with a long process list in MySQL

I am generally a big fan of command line tools. This also applies to MySQL client software such as mysql or mysqladmin. To those spoiled by graphical interfaces, working in text mode may seem crude or even difficult. But the truth is that once you get used to these tools, you will be able to accomplish many things a lot faster than with any GUI client. Of course, using text terminal, which is the environment for any command line tool, has its drawbacks and limitations. For example on a relatively busy MySQL server, every so often when you run SHOW [FULL] PROCESSLIST, which lists client threads connected to a database, you can receive an output that will be many screens long. Sometimes it might be due to the high number of established connections - each takes at least one line on the screen, or sometimes due to some longish queries spanning over multiple lines. Finding relevant information there usually isn't easy and having to scroll backwards doesn't really help. What do I do in such cases to help the workflow?

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