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Why MySQL Audits?

Key benefits

MySQL health check audit provides users with a pro-active assessment of their MySQL database. It enables businesses to rapidly work out the current state of their database servers in order to deal with MySQL optimization issues before they become problems. This pro-active form of MySQL tuning is ideal for anyone so wants to keep on top of their system’s performance and reliability functions, rather than react to issues once they have started to cause difficulties.


A full MySQL health check audit should be able to identify the system’s complete resource utilization and offer an assessment of the servers’ remaining capacity. As such, plans for additional hardware can be put in place at an early stage, if needed, helping to manage budgets more effectively. One of the prime benefits of using the MySQL tuning service is that it determines the exact nature of database performance issue and operational problems. This means that it points out just where action is required in order to effect MySQL optimization, not simply that there happens to be an issue. By identifying sub-optimal MySQL usage patterns, counter measures can be worked out, helping to avoid the associated risks of inaction. Ideally, a MySQL health check will allow corrective measures to be taken prior to symptoms escalating into much more serious crises.

Following a MySQL optimization check-up, an expert written report is delivered that describes the state of the system and detailing any issues. It will list any actionable recommendations providing full performance metrics and performance analysis. Assistance is on offer to help implement the recommendations, if required.


On-Demand Consulting for MySQL

How does it work?

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    Choose one of the MySQL HealtCheck Audit packages and sign up for an audit. Within one business day our consultant will contact you to set a date when we shall conduct our work. We value your time and we will make every effort to adjust to your busy sched

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    Create access for PSCE consultant to log in remotely – we prefer SSH, but we can use Remote Desktop or other means too. Before commencing any work we will need a context, so be prepared to answer a bunch of questions relating to your databases and the gen

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    If the problem requires us to access any system or database, you will need to share access details with us.

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    You receive a written report with our analysis of your MySQL database performance and a list of recommendations. Optionally, we may implement some of the recommendations we provided, such as changes to MySQL configuration, if it was agreed upon.