Working with Us

Our Services

Nearly all services offered by PSCE are performed and delivered remotely. Our experts connect to our clients' systems and databases over the Internet to execute tasks and perform analyses. The communication takes place through a dedicated web-based customer portal, e-mail and over the phone or Skype, rather than in person.

Information Security

Connection encryption provided by HTTPS, SSH, VPN and other industry standard technologies, as well as file encryption tools for additional protection of sensitive information, enable us to deliver services, assistance and support of our experts in a safe and secure manner.

Access Methods

The most common and also the most efficient remote access method is through SSH, which relies on a simple, proven, open standard. Such access is often easy to set up, but more importantly, it is trivial to use and almost entirely problem-free allowing our expert to start working on real tasks or problems without unexpected delays and to complete their work sooner.

We understand that your infrastructure may not allow direct access with SSH. We accept our clients' custom requirements to use an open source or enterprise VPN client, a web-based application, Remote Desktop, Team Viewer or other software. Please keep in mind, however, that it may take our expert longer to set up for your environment, actual work may take longer, and its cost may be higher.

For the reasons outlined in this section, we defined two categories of access methods, which we may refer to elsewhere:

Standard Access Methods
  • SSH - direct or through a jump host
  • Software VPN - OpenVPN
Custom Access Methods
  • Software VPN - other implementations
  • Remote desktop applications
  • Screen sharing applications
  • Other custom methods