MySQL HealthCheck Audit

Improving MySQL performance couldn’t be easier. MySQL HealthCheck Audit provides our professional assistance in identifying and resolving problems that have been bothering you for some time as well as such that you have not yet been aware of. A detailed written report will walk you through the key elements that can impact MySQL performance and highlight the areas of concern or bad behaviour. We will also include actionable recommendations on addressing each discovered problem. With the report in your hand, you will be able to improve quickly and with confidence!

Key benefits

  • Reduced application response times
  • More efficient utilization of hardware resources
  • Lower operating costs
  • Fewer failures and resultant downtimes

How does it work?

Step 1: Request service

Choose one of the MySQL HealtCheck Audit packages and sign up for an audit. Within one business day our consultant will contact you to set a date when we shall conduct our work. We value your time and we will make every effort to adjust to your busy schedule.

Step 2: Access and Q&A

Create access for PSCE consultant to log in remotely – we prefer SSH, but we can use Remote Desktop or other means too. Before commencing any work we will need a context, so be prepared to answer a bunch of questions relating to your databases and the general environment in which they operate.

Step 3: Analysis

We carry out the audit. Our expert logs in to your MySQL server and collects various runtime metrics as well as any other information required for the analysis. We may need to ask some more questions at this stage to ensure we have a good understanding of how you use the database.

Step 4: Results

You receive a written report with our analysis of your MySQL database performance and a list of recommendations. Optionally, we may implement some of the recommendations we provided, such as changes to MySQL configuration, if it was agreed upon.

Packages & Prices

Do you have a MySQL replication slave?

Order HealthCheck Basic or higher for a MySQL database instance and you will receive a 25% discount on the same service for any of its replication slaves. We’ll also perform replication health assessment at no extra cost!