Remote Services

Flexible Consulting

Experts On Demand. Use any of our technical skills and knowledge exactly when and where you need them. Flexible Consulting uses traditional pay-as-you-go model. We shall only bill you for the time spent on carrying out the requested tasks, so you simply pay for as much or as little time as you decide to use.

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MySQL HealthCheck Audit

Get a quick insight into MySQL health and performance. We can touch the surface just enough to let you know how your database server is doing, search for low-hanging fruits that should only take minutes to fix, or do a complete analysis of everything that impacts MySQL performance or availability. Simply choose the package that fits your budget or requirements.

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Client Site Services

On-Site MySQL Consulting

Working closely with you, where you need us. You can get even more value from our work during a face-to-face meeting in your office. You will not only receive our assistance with solving MySQL problems, but your team will also be able to learn from our experience as we share tips, suggestions or answer questions.

Packages & pricing