MySQL Version Upgrades

Our engineers have planned for and executed countless MySQL database upgrades. We know how to perform such operation in a safe and reliable manner while keeping downtime at a minimum or even how to eliminate downtime entirely. This is not a common skill as there are very few people who perform these tasks as regularly as we do.

PSCE can help you prepare a solid upgrade plan which may include compatibility checks, testing for performance regressions, required query rewrites or schema changes and Q&A testing. Finally, we can execute the upgrade ourselves or assist you throughout the process.

Why is doing upgrades important? MySQL database is on a monthly release schedule and each new version brings bug fixes, performance improvements or fixes for security vulnerabilities. Performance improvements allow better utilization of hardware resources and greater database scalability. Some changes can improve query response times as well. Security fixes increase data safety and should always be applied without delay.

Here are some of the related technologies that we know:

MySQL 3.23
MySQL 4.0
MySQL 4.1
MySQL 5.0
MySQL 5.1
MySQL 5.5
MySQL 5.6
Percona Server 5.0
Percona Server 5.1
Percona Server 5.5
MariaDB 5.2
MariaDB 5.3
MariaDB 5.5
MariaDB 10.0