MySQL Security

Database servers often store sensitive data such as personal or financial information. They may also hold knowledge about individuals or companies that must never be accessed by anyone but authorized people. In fact, regardless of the nature of the information stored in them, database servers are the most important servers a company can have and, as such, they need to be secure.

At PSCE, we understand security and know the sources of security vulnerabilities related to running a MySQL database. We can audit your database server for weaknesses to help you protect your data better. The audit is a comprehensive check of any element that can impact data security. Some of the areas that we cover during our work:

  • physical access to the server
  • network services the server is running
  • software versions
  • security patches
  • people with access to the system
  • database installation environment and configuration
  • database access grants
  • backup & restore policy

After collecting all information we can prepare a report that shows areas in need of improvements or extra focus.

If the nature of your business puts such requirements on the database servers, we can also help you prepare MySQL for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) certification.