MySQL Clustering Solutions

In recent years, the size of data companies process and store in their databases as well as the traffic volumes hitting their websites has begun to increase dramatically. As a result, a lot of them experience serious performance problems whenever a single database server is not enough any more to handle all incoming requests. Clustering and load balancing technologies offer measures to overcome these limitations.

PSCE experts have extensive experience with all established clustering and load balancing solutions for MySQL. Many both free and paid products on the market today work well only with specific workloads or have some other limitations, so choosing the right one is very important for success. Our consultants understand how each technology works and know exactly when or how it can be applied. They designed, planned and executed countless migrations to such distributed environments.

Here are some of the related technologies that we know:

MySQL Cluster
MySQL Proxy
Percona XtraBackup Cluster
Galera Cluster