MySQL Cloud Solutions

PSCE consultants have been working with commercial cloud solutions almost since the moment of their inception when Amazon introduced their Elastic Compute Cloud. We have significant experience in all popular services such as Amazon EC2, HP Cloud, or CloudLayer.

Whether your MySQL databases run in the cloud already or you are only thinking about moving them there, our expertise can help you make sure that you are heading in the right direction.

Deploying new systems with zero lead time, scaling resources on demand, and reducing expenses on maintaining hardware and software infrastructures are among the key factors why companies choose cloud-based solutions over more traditional architectures. But we know for a fact that cloud servers can almost never work as drop-in replacements for dedicated hardware when MySQL performance and availability are at stake. We can examine your plans for database system implementation to determine the feasibility of cloud deployment.

For existing systems we offer our analytical skills and knowledge about shared hosting environments to help tracking down performance problems.

Here are some of the related technologies that we know:

Amazon EC2
Amazon EBS
Amazon S3
Amazon RDS
HP Cloud Compute
HP Cloud Block Storage
HP Cloud Relational Database
Rackspace Cloud