Why us?

Working with us is easy

All you need to do is fill out a short contact form or pick up the phone and call +1 631 527 1158 (USA) or +44 20 3298 6260 (UK) and tell us your requirements and we’ll provide the plan to meet them.

Benefits of hiring experts from PSCE

Quality. Our talented staff executes thoroughly and to the highest standards. All PSCE consultants have extensive professional experience and possess knowledge and skills in a variety of technologies. This allows them to achieve great success rate in solving technical challenges.

Reliability. Our work is always preceded by a careful analysis. PSCE does not support guesswork. We don’t have to, because we know how to solve problems properly and how to prove our solutions are correct. If a problem requires it, we will approach it from various angles to ensure we can achieve the best results.

With your best interest in mind. We are independent and the opinions we have are our own. The services, products, or solutions we suggest to our customers are selected based on their actual business needs and not someone else’s. We do not promote nor endorse specific products or technologies.

Flexibility. While we maintain our own ways of working with clients, we can adapt our style to better match your unique needs.

No Randomly Assigned Engineers. During many years of experience in the IT support and consulting industry, we have learned that customers prefer working with a single engineer. Having the single point of contact gives them confidence that requested services will be executed correctly and efficiently.