And Now for Something Completely Different

As many of you may know the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship is just around the corner1. For the occasion I developed a web-based betting game to introduce a little bit of competition between me and my friends as well as make the Championships even more exciting. But then I thought “Hey, why not to do this for a bigger community as well”? So dear MySQLers, I invite you to join the special edition of my game here at dba square!

The game is available at or you can simply get there from the blog’s main menu at the top of each page.

We are offering you:

  • a little bit of fun
  • a free gambling opportunity
  • some friendly competition

The game is simple and works similarly to the real sports bookmaking, although there is no real money involved. After registering you receive certain amount of points, which are the virtual currency in the game. You bet on the results of the upcoming EURO2012 matches and win or loose your points depending on the actual outcomes of these matches. To win the entire game, you need to collect more points than any other players. At all times you can check your standing on our Leaderboard.

During registration we encourage you to enter company name you work for. If we have sufficient information there, we’ll use it to add some additional statistics and perhaps turn this into a competition between different organizations :-)

1 – If you did not know, this is just yet another reason to take a moment and do something completely different.

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  1. Piotr Biel says:

    You will lose again! ;)

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